मेरी डायरी

जब सोच के पंछियों ने, यूँही कभी अंगड़ाई ली,
जब जज़बातों के भँवर ने , अपनी ही गहराई ली,
जब ये बादल, ये पंछी, ये नदियों का पानी,
ये बच्चों की हँसी के प्यारे से गुंजन, मुझसे यूँही कुछ कहने लगे,
मुझे बस तुम याद आयी, बस तुम्हीं याद आयी।

तुम्हीं तो हो, हाँ तुम्ही तो हो, जिसने खुद में मुझे समेट रखा है।
मेरी आँखों के आंसू, मेरी पुतलियों की चमक,
मेरे शर्म से खिलते गालों की लाली,
कितना कुछ है तुझमें समाया।
मेरी तन्हाइयों के लम्हे, मेरे मन के वो छाले,
वो राज़ों के दस्ते, वो पल प्यार वाले,
कितना कुछ है तुझमें समाया।

वो अटखेलियां बचपन की सारी, वो अम्मा की लोरी, वो चाय लाड़ वाली,
वो मातृत्व का एहसास, वो पुनः बचपन जीने की बिरली कहानी,
कितना कुछ है तुझमें समाया।

वो हर एक नज़र में प्यार होने के किस्से, वो हमनज़र को हमसफर बनाने के हिस्से,
वो कुछ आध्यात्म के पन्ने और कुछ बिखरी सी परिपक्व हुई बच्ची की नाराजगी,
कितना कुछ है तुझमें समाया।

सखी बुलाऊँ या कहूँ मेरी छाया, ममता के आंचल सा सुकून तुझमें पाया,
औरों की नजरों में बस है डायरी तू मेरीै,
पर मेरे लिये पलछिनों से भरी तश्तरी है तू मेरी।

©नेहा जिंदल

Smile in the womb

Dear Mother, bound by your and father’s love,

I bloomed inside you like a pure little dove. 

I heard the first shout of your joy,

And felt the tears in your eyes.

So happy you were, to have me in, 

Your proud little face made me grin. 

Slowly I did grow inside, to make you feel my presence,

Every move and every kick did make you go ‘awe’ 

I grew in you slowly, listening to the lullabies that you chanted 

Your melody made me feel cared for. 

Thank you for all the love, that you showered on me, 

To bring me out in your gentle arms. 


I read the emotional letter from Shri Amitabh Bachchan for Shri ShashiKapoor. I respect his feelings and don’t want to hurt anyone but somehow feel that if you have a dear one who is suffering and in a condition that makes you cry. Even if it hurts you 1000 nails please don’t stop meeting him /her, your meeting them and even your superficial smile will give them a thousand reasons to smile and feel good. 


“She”, if you look at this word it looks so simple. To many its nothing more than a pronoun to address females.

Is it really that insignificant word? 

‘She’  is not just a word, it’s the creator of the world. ‘She’ is a mother who brings life to this world by enduring pain and scars. ‘She’ is a daughter who spreads smile on the lips of her parents. ‘She’ is the sister who fights with you like crazy but still is the boulder of strength. ‘She’ is the pillar of support as a wife, who shares her soul together with her husband. ‘She’ is a daughter-in-law who gives her heart to her husband’s family only to be always judged and ignored being a part of the family. ‘She’ is a grandmother who showers her love on the part of her kids and thrive on their smiles. 

If we go back to the epics, ‘She’ was honored, respected, given equal rights, had freedom of choice in real sense. Not sure how the ‘She’ got chained into humiliation and cruelty. Today we just talk about gender equality but burden our women if they choose to work. Working is their choice, so the society make them drag the burden of the house and work,  without understanding that they are humans and not the super humans. 

‘She’ is getting crushed with the burden on her , not able to  rejoice the freedom of choice. Though the women are not vocal about their feelings but majority of them are fighting depression. 

‘She’ today is facing mental and physical abuse all around the world. We in India have a moto “Beti bachao, Beti padhao”. This should have one more addition to it, “Beti ki suraksha karo”. What is the point of Beti bachao, when we cannot give them a secured environment to flourish.

Respect women around you, respect their strength, their sacrifice and unconditional love. Don’t just preach equal rights but believe in giving equal opportunity to every ‘She’ around you.